July 1, 2023

We are expanding to Tanzania

July 2023

We are extremely proud to share that GOAL 3 has expanded to a new country, Tanzania! We have implemented the first IMPALA systems at the Sengerema Hospital in Sengerema, Tanzania. Our colleague Eline Kleinjan visited Tanzania at the beginning of July to help implement the first 10 systems.

In total we will implement 17 IMPALA systems on 2 different departments in the hospital. The first phase is to implement 10 systems for the neonatal ward. Eline has been in Tanzania to supervise the implementation of these systems and she trained the nurses and doctors to work with the IMPALA systems. During the training they tried out different scenarios on the monitor and learned how to use the sensors. There was good cooperation during this training, but also during the implementation of the monitors between all the nurses, doctors and technicians. After the training, the first patient was connected to the IMPALA monitor. The team had to get used to working with the system and connecting patients, but it went well very quickly.

Sengerema Hospital has a great focus on improving healthcare for neonatal and pediatric patients. At the moment they have 1 nurse responsible for 20 patients, while this should be 1 nurse for 1 or 2 patients.

Eline's experience in the Sengerema hospital: ‘’It's great to see our new software version in the real setting. The hospital gave us a warm welcome and they look forward to a great collaboration with GOAL 3. It was very useful to see and experience the context of an African hospital. This helps to understand how our products and services can make the most impact and what we should prioritize in the upcoming product improvements.”

Eline: ‘’It gave me a lot of energy to hear the positive reactions and to see how healthcare employees think about the product. It shows me that we are on the right track and a big shout out to our team who made this possible. Let's improve healthcare together!'’

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