GOAL 3 Foundation

We founded the GOAL 3 foundation to support our mission in making healthcare fair and accessible for everyone.

The GOAL 3 Foundation

The GOAL 3 Foundation was founded in 2023 to support the mission of making healthcare fair and accessible for everyone. We want to do this by facilitating health workers with the right knowledge, skills, and technology by working directly with health facilities in low- and middle-income countries to improve care and reduce excess (child) mortality. 


The GOAL 3 Foundation collaborates with organizations, funds, philanthropists, and donors to engage in ‘projects of change’, assessing the needs of health facilities and making a tailored implementation plan for bringing the quality of care to the next level. These projects are executed through our network of companies, NGOs, and governmental organizations. 

The board

The GOAL 3 Foundation is managed by chairman Niek Versteegde, vice-chairman and secretary Jelle Schuitemaker and treasurer Kevin Gerrits. All board members are not getting paid out of the foundation. The board members do not receive any remuneration from the foundation.

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