Bart Bierling
January 1, 2023

First implementation in Malawi

January 2023

2023 could not have started better. We are extremely proud that the Ministry of Health of Malawi approved our IMPALA monitor. We can implement our first 15 monitors at St. Lukes Hospital, in South-Malawi, outside a research setting.

We started implementing the IMPALA systems at St. Lukes Hospital. In cooperation with Amref Malawi and national trainers who were trained to give training about care for neonates, our colleagues in Malawi provided tailor-made training to the hospital's local team, including nurses, clinical staff and technical staff (see picture). The employees were very enthusiastic and involved in the training and were very happy with the opportunity to get this training. They realize that the IMPALA monitor can help them to keep an overview of the wards and are looking forward to using the monitor.

After the first weeks of implementation, we see that the monitors are being used well. Especially by children who have respiratory problems and problems with the regulation of their body temperature, the staff sees a difference and the nurses can intervene sooner. In addition, the monitors involve the parents of the children more in the care of their child and they can understand better how their child is doing.

It is great to see that we can already make a difference in this hospital and we look forward to expanding this in the future.

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